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"Touring Amateurs"
Sponsored by AEGIS at Shadowridge


Barbara and Dave Demarest,
Co-Chairs 2007-2018"Touring Amateurs"

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Oceanside, CA

January 27, 2016

The Ocean Hills Golf Club is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with AEGIS at Shadowridge. Under its terms, AEGIS will immediately become the sole and exclusive sponsor of the golf tournaments run by the OHGC “Touring Amateurs”. This agreement will continue indefinitely. The “Touring Amateurs” were founded over thirty years ago by Doris Reid, a charter resident of Ocean Hills Country Club. For the past ten years, the group has been co-chaired by OHCC residents David and Barbara Demarest. The “Touring Amateurs” play eight golf tournaments a year at public, private and resort venues throughout San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties. They typically involve from 100 to 160 players per tournament. Pictured above (L-R) are David Demarest, Co-Chair , OHGC “Touring Amateurs” and Suzy Bevevino, Marketing Director at AEGIS at Shadowridge.



Revised "Speed-Up-Play" Rule for "Touring Amateurs"

We continue to have a problem with slow play on full length golf courses. It's usually the fault of just one or two foursomes. Unfortunately, the slow play of a single group has a very negative impact upon all of the groups that follow it.

As a result, and effective with the July 2009 T/A event, we have further revised the rules for handling this problem.

If your group falls more than one and up to two or more full holes behind the group ahead of it, the course marshals have been directed by us to insist that your group pick up upon completion of your current hole, and immediately proceed to the next tee closest to the group ahead of you.

In general, you will be credited with a bogey on any hole(s) not played. Failure to courteously abide by the marshals' instruction will result in an even higher score for the hole(s) not played.

Failure to comply in any way with the marshals' instruction will result in the disqualification of your group.

Again, you are to play out the hole you are on upon notification by the marshal of unacceptably slow play then skip one (or more if necessary) hole(s).

No member of your team receives any credit for his or her drive on holes that are skipped. Please leave your score blank for any hole(s) skipped because of this rule.

And please remember, your primary responsibility is to keep up with the group ahead of you. Do not worry about the group behind you.



Doris Reid, OHGC Touring Amateurs Founder and Chair 1986-2006

Have fun!

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